Friday, September 2, 2011

Sugar Cookies

I have a weakness for sugar cookies, at least the soft ones. They're sweet (but not too sweet), the sugar is crunchy and the soft cookie (when made well) has the perfect amount of chewiness. I remember we liked Potbelly cookies and today at lunch, I was so hungry, I just had to get one.

It was delicious. The only problem with the sugar cookie is that it was only 80 calories less than my tuna sandwich.

Yes, you read that right. My sugar cookie was 550 calories.

I had no idea that one little (ok, not so little) sugar cookie would be over 500 calories! (If you were trying to optimize calories for the price, I guess it's a good deal though!)

They're so good, and they don't really taste that rich or heavy, so I was surprised. But I got it anyway.

I was hungry so I ate half of it during my walk through the Rockefeller Center Concourse back to the office. It was completely addictive and I wanted more. It didn't feel like it should be so high in calories! I guess the sugar cookie should not be an every-Potbelly-trip kind of purchase, and should be more of a treat. The only problem is that I want another one right now! So good.

And, yes, I went to Potbelly twice in one week. I miss it!

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