Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Glory Lunch

After our visit to Lido, we went for our last lunch in the Platinum dining room on the Glory. A didn't really eat much since he had a bowl of Mongolian wok up on Lido deck, but I ordered a full lunch.

I started with old fashioned German lentil soup:

I'm not sure what made it German or old-fashioned, but it wasn't bad. I would give it a 3.5. A tried a little and would give it a 3.

One thing that A did order was the chilled orange sory:

This was a chilled orange soup with tapioca pearls. It was served the way that I love watching soups being served. It arrived with a little well-arranged mound of food, and then the soup "broth" was poured on top of it.

A thought this was a good dessert after his Mongolian wok meal. It tasted similar to a melted orange creamsicle. He thought that tapioca pearls were unnecessary, but he likes tapioca pearls, so it was fine (except the menu said "tapioca pearls" and there was only one). He also found that the pile of orange and ginger didn't add that much flavor or texture, and had been expecting more from that. A would give this a 3.5.

I got two "entrees" (and was ultimately glad that I did). The first was the neptune chef's salad:

The menu said that this came with hearts of iceberg lettuce, Greenland baby shrimps, poached ocean scallops, Alaskan snow crab meat and fresh Pacific salmon, garnished with tomato wedges and watercress, and choice of dressing (balsamic vinaigrette for me). I was expecting it to look like a regular salad - greens on the bottom, assorted seafood and other veggies on top. We had a seafood salad on our Holland America cruise a few years back which came that way and it was delicious. This ... not so much. It was like a deconstructed salad - a few shrimp over here, a piece of salmon over there, a couple of scallops sitting in the front, and a mound of lettuce in the middle. The seafood itself was fine, but nothing special. The description made it sound so much better than it was. I would give this a 3. It was light and healthy but not remarkable.

My other entree was much better. It was the "oven fresh whole wheat baguette" filled with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and creamy tuna salad:

This was actually good. The tuna salad was fresh and creamy, and had really good flavor. The bread, unlike some baguettes, was firm enough to hold the tuna salad and soft enough that it was easy to bite and had a nice chewy texture. This was definitely the better lunch entree. I would actually give this a 4.5!

We skipped out on dessert but they ended up bringing our table extra tropical fruit terrines:

I thought it would be mostly fruit, but it turned out to be like a slice of cake, and was therefore not interested. (Not even going to get started on their definition of "tropical fruit" as we have already covered that, and it was once again not really tropical fruit.) A ate the fruit and left the rest of it. He tasted the cake/pudding part and didn't think it was that good. He would give this a 1.5.

Two more meals on the Glory and then we were (sadly) done with vacation and back home!

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