Thursday, September 29, 2011

Earl of Hawaiian BBQ

Earlier this month, the NYC outpost of the Earl of Sandwich chain opened in midtown. I had seen the billboard in Times Square announcing it for months before it finally arrived and really wanted to try it. Today I decided I was in the mood for something new and ventured over for a sandwich. They have a lot of options for hot sandwiches and it took some time to decide. Many had red meat (which I don't eat much of), and on a whim, I picked Hawaiian BBQ.

Love the sandwich labels

I also picked up a side of potato salad, since I wasn't sure how big the sandwich would be. It's a decently sized sandwich as you can see from the comparison to my pen:

Before I get to the sandwich - the potato salad. In the end, I probably didn't need this since the sandwich was pretty filling, but I love potato salad so I'm not upset about getting it. It wasn't the best potato salad ever but it was a solid choice.

I picked the Hawaiian BBQ sandwich in some ways as a challenge since it had a lot of things I usually don't order. It came with grilled chicken, roasted ham (I don't usually get ham in sandwiches), aged swiss (not my favorite cheese), fresh pineapple and Hawaiian BBQ sauce.

It was pretty good. There was a lot of ham and I felt like that overpowered the grilled chicken a little bit. I only tasted the chicken (which I thought had good flavor) when it wasn't in the same bite as the ham. If you really like ham, it's probably a good choice for you, but I think I would try something else next time. As for the Swiss cheese, I assume it was there, but I didn't notice cheese at all. The BBQ sauce was tasty and I really liked the bread.

I will return to Earl of Sandwich. (Any recommendations for what to get next time?) The price of the sandwiches, like Potbelly, is really good for Manhattan. I have no problem with out-of-state chains coming in as long as they have quality products (they do) and these great prices. Can we please get Jimmy Johns next?

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