Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hiroshi Japanese Fusion

The other day I was working through dinner and ordered from Hiroshi Japanese Fusion for the first time. The last thing I really want when stuck in my chair at work is to eat a heavy and unhealthy meal (although I have done it many times before) and sushi usually feels much lighter, even if it's not that low in calories. I was much happier with this meal than my last sushi order from Taki.

I started out with an avocado salad, which consisted of sliced avocado, lettuce and a ginger dressing:

I love the ginger dressing that comes with salads from Japanese restaurants. And although this salad was quite simple, it was really tasty and I liked it.

I also ordered 3 rolls. They didn't have a roll combo but I picked out the spicy tuna roll, the yellowtail scallion roll and the Alaska roll (salmon with avocado and cucumber):

The rolls were tasty and a good size. My favorite was probably the spicy tuna. Unlike the last one from Taki, it actually had flavor. The yellowtail scallion would come in second. I liked that the scallions retained their scallion texture and weren't just mush. The Alaska roll was good too, but the other 2 were just better.

The sushi was solid for delivery sushi. I have no idea what Hiroshi looks like in person but I would order from them again.

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