Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monastiraki Starbucks

After a long day climbing the Acropolis, we stopped by Starbucks. We weren't originally intending to visit Starbucks in Greece, but we saw the frappuccino sign outside (I love signs for food in other languages...) and I was really curious to see if they had anything different. We wanted a quick break and decided it would be a good time for a drink.

Many of the snacks in the display case were similar to the pastries and desserts that we have:

Do we have all of these in the States? The cake pops reminded me of the cheesecake lollipop tree I tried at david burke & donatella (now named something else). And those cupcakes look really good.

In the display cases, there were also plenty of snacks that I'm pretty sure we don't have here at home:

Veggie pies and cheese pies? They looked pretty good. But since we were planning on a lunch of Greek pies, we thought it would be better to save our stomach space for what was supposed to be the best pie place in Athens (spoiler: it was amazing) instead of using it up on Starbucks pies (even though they were probably good).

We ended up getting one venti-sized drink to share:

The drink was a mango passion fruit frappuccino. It was sweet and tasty, and very refreshing after a hot day on the Acropolis. It was our only visit to Starbucks (for drinks) during the trip, and we were quite satisfied!

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