Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fast Food in Saint John

One thing we like to do while traveling is to check out the fast food offerings in other areas. We don't always eat there but sometimes just "window shop" to see what the different offerings are.

In Saint John, we saw that the Subway outlet had a bunch of sandwiches that we don't. The windows of the Subway shops by us are all advertising the new "oven crisp chicken" sandwich. But in Saint John, they have green chili steak and bacon, one that I'm not sure I've seen advertised here at home:

They also advertised the return of the lobster sandwich:

I don't think I'd really be comfortable ordering lobster at Subway, since (in my opinion) it's the type of thing that really has to be done right and not be as mass produced as Subway cold cuts usually are. I don't know if we ever had this, but it's not in our windows now!

Even McDonalds has different options outside the US. Often, they're better. In this case, Canada has something called the "McMini" which is a mini chicken sandwich with various sauces/flavorings, such as zesty mango, pesto and spicy Thai, and a "Tuscan salad":

While I don't go to McDonalds often (and haven't gone for a long time), the McMini is the type of thing I would like to try. It's a smaller portion size and a little more interesting than some of their other chicken options. But do we have it here? Of course not. But I wasn't going to try it in Saint John either, because we had a limited amount of stomach space and wanted to get poutine and some local seafood.

Any ideas why the non-US outlets of our US chains have more interesting food?

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