Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Visit to Lido

If you've been following along, you have probably seen that we have eaten almost all of our meals in the dining room on the Glory. On our last full day on the Glory, we spent some time up on Lido deck in the Red Sail restaurant.

The main reason? There was a chocolate buffet.

Clockwise from upper right: Chocolate Cappuccino Cream, Chocolate Sushi, Chocolate Empanada, Brownie

A ate some of the chocolate buffet but not much. After a hard workout earlier that day and feeling lightheaded he needed food, and he didn't think straight chocolate was in his best interests. What he needed was real food. He originally wanted to get some of the Mongolian wok, but the line went forever. It was found out later that the wok hadn't even opened yet. Instead, he opted to get a cheeseburger and some chicken fingers.

A's Cheeseburger and Chicken Fingers

A knew that there was no honey mustard or BBQ sauce handy so he decided to use the melted cheese sauce normally reserved for the fries as a topping for his chicken fingers. The burger was the exact same as the one he and M had shared earlier in the trip. The chicken fingers weren't anything special, but they were tasty enough. After having some calories A finally decided to try some of the chocolate treats.

He started with one of the chocolate sushi pieces. The funny thing about the picture shown above is that it's actually missing the piece that he ate. The sushi itself was sweetened sticky rice surrounding what tasted like chocolate cake frosting. It was overly sweet, and it was as close to sickeningly sweet as anything he had ever tasted.

M wasn't really in a chocolate mood that day and only tried the sweet sticky rice. Partway through the dessertfest, people started walking around with tacos. Tacos in advance of lunch? That was something she could go for.


Salads and salsas

The chips were a little soggy (these were all probably leftovers from the midnight buffet) so M used some taco shells as our "chips." Just like the Mexican buffet, the taco was a satisfying "appetizer."

A ended up still getting something from the Mongolian wok station. In the end, M's uncle and cousins were far up in the line and were able to get him something. He was truly pleased with the flavors and the textures of the contents of the bowl. Lo mein noodles, chicken, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and bean sprouts with a sweet thai chili sauce.

A's Mongolian Wok Bowl

Since M hadn't eaten much, we joined most of the rest of the family in the dining room for a (another?) lunch.

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