Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glory's Late Night Snacks

On cruise ships, food is available 24-7, whether it's room service, buffet or all day snacks. On the Glory, your 24 hour options include ice cream and drinks on the Lido deck, along with a 24 hour pizza place. We never tried the pizza, since we were never hungry enough and there was always a line for the huge slices. Lots of people got pizza. Then again, people on cruises eat like it's their job.

We did, however, check out the late night snacks. On 3 of the 4 nights, the Glory offered a non-descriptive "late night snack" on the Lido deck. (On the other night, it was a Mexican buffet, which made me quite happy.) A lot of cruise lines will have some form of midnight buffet. On our last cruise, the midnight buffet changed cuisines each night, which kept it interesting. The Glory's late night snacks were all from the grille.

We only ate the late night snacks on the first night. There were hot dogs which you could top with sauerkraut:

Or you could make chili dogs:

Or you could just add mustard.

There were also cheeseburgers and assorted toppings including grilled onions and mushrooms. (They gave it to you with the lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.) They also had french fries in the buffet, but I am trying to avoid non-special french fries.

Something about cruises makes me hungry and I eat more than normal. Is it something in the air? Anyway, people lined up for the late night snacks starting half an hour before the start time, when the buffet line started to get set up. There was a bit of wait for the cheeseburgers to be ready and a few guys monopolized the food area, so that people who just wanted hot dogs had difficulty grabbing their food to go. That wasn't very nice. (They also snacked on fries as they stood there.)

The hot dogs and cheeseburgers from the grille were pretty good. If we hadn't eaten so much food every day throughout the day, we might have gone up for late night snacks at the grille more often. Much better than the sushi!

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