Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jerk Pan

I got lunch today from Jerk Pan, a Jamaican truck on the east side. (I have no idea where my usual go-to Jamaican food, the Dutchy, is right now.) Since the stewed chicken had bones (unlike the Dutchy), I first tried to get the curry chicken. Unfortunately, they were out of that, so I decided to try the stewed chicken.

The stewed chicken was described as "tender fried chicken smothered in a tasty brown sauce of spices and carrot." It also seemed to have peas.

I like the stewed chicken. The sauce had an excellent flavor, and they gave enough of it that it soaked the rice and beans underneath. It came with about 4 pieces of chicken, including a drumstick. The chicken fell off the bone fairly easily, although I didn't clean them as well as A would have. Although Jerk Pan has been around for awhile, this was my first chance to try it and I would definitely go back. A lot of people around me in line ordered the patties. Maybe I'll try that next time!

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