Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Glory Lunch

You would think, after such a big breakfast, we wouldn't be hungry for lunch... but it's a cruise and somehow you can eat all day, so the family met up for lunch in the dining room.

A and I both got the California roll:

It was described on the menu as "Japanese rice, avocado, crab meat and cream cheese, rolled in dried seaweed, served with wasabi horseradish and a light soy dip." We were dismayed about the cream cheese, since we're not huge fans of cream cheese rolls and California rolls don't usually have cream cheese, but we got it anyway. It was ok, but nothing special. We have had better California rolls before. On a 5 scale, I would give it a 3 and A would give it a 2.5.

We both also got salads, but they came at different times in the meal. (The order in which the dishes were delivered didn't have much rhyme or reason.) A got his salad with Italian dressing:

Turns out Italian dressing means "creamy Italian" dressing on the ship. A was disappointed because he was hoping for the regular Italian dressing. He would give this a 3.5.

We both also got the Caribbean pepper pot soup:

This was an "island flavored soup with yams, okra, pepper, coconut and cilantro." This soup was pretty good and probably our favorite lunch dish (although not very photogenic). We both give this a 4.

My salad came with "oriental dressing":

It's not a salad dressing you can normally get on the ship but I saw that it was offered with the Mongolian steak salad on the lunch menu, and asked for that dressing. It was a really good dressing, so I give the salad a 4.

A didn't get an entree because he wasn't that hungry. I wanted just the pico de gallo from the vegetable fajita dish, but the waiter told me that the pico de gallo was combined with everything else in the fajita (that sounded bizarre to me) so he would have to bring me the whole dish. I gave in, but asked for it with no tortilla and no sour cream (they forgot that second part), and they were fine with that:

It was pretty good, and I think that by getting it without the tortilla, I got even more veggies than the fajita (which came rolled up like a burrito). The fajita was basically onions and peppers, with sides of pico de gallo and guacamole/sour cream. I shared it with A and we liked it. A gave this a 3.5 and I give it a 4.

After lunch in the dining room we went up to the Lido deck for dessert. Instead, A and I investigated the fish and chips place on the second floor of the buffet. It was closing so there weren't any fish and chips to be had but they were giving away ceviche:

The ceviche was pretty good. The seafood was a little chewy at times, but not too bad.

We much preferred the open seating in the dining room (so relaxed!) to the chaos of the Lido deck buffets. We had two lunches on the ship during our trip and we spent both in the dining room. Much better!

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