Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bratwurst and More

Another vendor we visited on both days of the 9th Avenue International Food Fair this year was a German stand selling bratwurst. We hadn't seen them here before and aren't sure of their actual name, so we don't know if they showed up just for this fair from someplace far (like Millie's) or if they're one of those vendors who hits up every street fair in the summer. Either way, once we saw that the condiments and other products were actually from Germany, we were in the mood to try some bratwurst.

On day 1, we ordered the bratwurst ($6) and added some of the German curry ketchup.

This was really good. Although the bun was nothing special, the bratwurst had lots of flavor. Adding the curry ketchup gave it the tanginess that you get with currywurst and also the spices of the curry flavor, which was exactly what we wanted.

Even though we really liked the bratwurst, we decided to do something different for day 2 and got the bauernwurst (also $6), which is a smoked sausage. This time we had them add sauerkraut, which came from big cans that also appeared imported from Germany.

We also added some mustard which they said also came from Germany. We were looking for the German horseradish mustard that they had the day before, but they appeared to have run out. The sauerkraut and mustard were great. The sauerkraut had some nice tartness to it from the pickling, and the mustard had a little bit of spice to it. The bauernwurst was pretty good, but the bratwurst was still better.

We enjoyed our German snacks. Anyone know the name of this place?

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