Monday, January 18, 2016

Oak Wood Smoked Cheddar

The January spotlight cheese at Trader Joe's is this oak wood cold smoked English cheddar cheese. We really like smoked cheeses, so we were pretty sure we'd like this one and knew we had to try it.

According to Trader Joe's, the cheese comes from Dorset in southwest England, where it is infused with natural oak wood smoke from oak chips. It was definitely one of the better smoked cheeses we've had. The smoke wasn't overpowering or super strong, but just the right amount. No suggestions from us on what to eat this with though, since we just ate it with crackers. (I wish I could describe the qualities of this cheese more, but I still haven't gotten better at describing cheese. I'm trying though...)

Buy Again? Hopefully. Since it's the spotlight cheese, they only have a limited run of it, but we're really hoping there will still be some when we go to the store next time. It would be even better if Trader Joe's added this to their giant regular selection of cheddar cheese, so this could be an unqualified yes!

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