Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In-N-Out to the Valley of Fire

We got a bit of a late start on our second full day in Vegas. Our plan was to head out to the Valley of Fire, Nevada's oldest state park full of red sandstone formations, which was located about 50 miles outside of the city. We had quite a few possibilities for lunch options, but since we were already running late, decided to just get something quick. What's the easiest option for fast food when you head out west? In-N-Out, of course.

We've written about In-N-Out before from a previous trip to Los Angeles, so I'm not going to go into tremendous detail here since we got very similar things. We both got cheeseburgers animal style with some extras, as well as some regular fries and animal style fries. It's a fairly typical order for our In-N-Out fix, and it really hits the spot.

It's been a while now since we've had any In-N-Out, and we do miss it. It was perfect for our schedule that day in Vegas, as we fueled up on burgers and fries and then hit the road headed for the park. The Valley of Fire was one of our favorite spots on the entire Vegas trip and we were there during golden hour, which made everything in the park look even more gorgeous. In-N-Out was a great way to kick off the day.

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