Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Failed Krumpe's Mission

After we left Harrisburg and had a delicious lunch in Carlisle, it was time to head west for the rural southwestern portion of Pennsylvania. Neither of us had ever been before but we had plans to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's amazing Fallingwater and some of the other parks in the area. To get there, we decided to drive through northern Maryland, since it didn't take much more time than the PA Turnpike and unlike the turnpike, there were no tolls. The drive took us near Hagerstown, Maryland, and we decided to take a side trip into Hagerstown to get some donuts at a place I'd read about online. Getting off the road and "wandering" is often one of the nice things about road trips, and we hoped to take advantage of this in Hagerstown.

People said Krumpe's Do-Nuts were some of the best they'd ever had in their lives. Bold statement, but we wanted to check it out for ourselves. I had read that they opened at 7, so we hoped they would still have a good selection by the time we got there. We were very excited when we finally saw DoNut Alley (the donut shop is located in the alley off the regular street) and hoped there wouldn't be much of a line.

When we got there, it was completely empty. It also looked closed. We were confused. We couldn't be the only people at such a popular donut shop, and they shouldn't be closed up already.

Then we saw the hours on the door. They opened at 7 PM, not 7 AM. I guess I didn't see that in my research. Either that or I just assumed donuts --> donuts and coffee --> open at 7 means open in the morning.

Sadly our visit to Hagerstown left us with no donuts. It was also just one in a string of failed places and/or setbacks on our exhausting drive from Carlisle to Uniontown (pouring rain driving out of Pennsylvania, various parks that weren't where they were supposed to be according to their addresses, getting stranded in front of a private road in West Virginia by Google Maps who expected our car to take the private road to the river and swim across the river to connect to the highway, and many more). After all that wasted time, we decided to stop taking detours for the day and just drive straight to Uniontown. Maybe someday we'll get to try Krumpe's!

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