Saturday, September 12, 2015

Little Amps Coffee Roasters

Two years ago today, M and I were in Harrisburg, PA on our road trip through the state. Our day started, like pretty much all of our days, with me getting coffee. I did some research, and I found that there was a cool sounding shop called Little Amps Coffee Roasters that served an interesting sounding drink called the Cold Jar. They describe the drink as "espresso shaken with ice and brown sugar, topped with milk". I'm sometimes prone to getting sweet, frozen drinks so that sounded like a fun thing to try.

They serve the drink in a mason jar, thus the name, and it was really tasty. It's one of those drinks where you can't really taste the coffee so I count this a bit more like a treat and not a morning coffee. It served its purpose of infusing me with caffeine, though, so maybe I shouldn't dismiss that aspect. The flavor itself was quite pleasant. The milk and sugar gave it a really creamy, sweet flavor, but as noted, there wasn't much discernible coffee flavor. One of the best things about this drink is that the rim of the mason jar collects some brown sugar, and it gives the drink a little bit of sweet crunch whenever you take a swig. While this wouldn't be my first choice of coffee drinks, I'd certainly consider getting another one of these if we were in the Harrisburg area on a hot day.

Little Amps has two locations. The one we visited was at 133 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

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