Monday, September 7, 2015

Milesburg McDonald's

Driving through most of Pennsylvania on I-80 is pretty boring. There's lots of trees and farmland and hills and clouds, but not much else to look at. Around Milesburg, we decided to stop for lunch. We needed to get some gas and it was about the right time to stop, eat, and stretch our legs. There weren't a ton of options there - a Country Pride at the TA, a Subway in a gas station, and a McDonald's - so we decided on the Golden Arches.

A got a Big Mac combo, I got a Filet-o-Fish, and then we both decided to split a grilled onion and cheddar burger from the value menu. Neither of us had seen this before, although some Googling during lunch told us that it has been on the value menu since early 2013. Huh. I guess we just don't go to McDonald's too much (other than for Minions happy meals). 

The Big Mac was your usual Big Mac, although A noted it had been a while since he had one. The Filet-o-Fish was the same as always. No point in reviewing those as they're pretty standard for McDonald's. They were so ordinary that neither of us even remembered to take pictures of them before diving in. The thing we were most interested in and definitely remembered to photograph was the grilled onion and cheddar burger. 

At first glance, we wondered if this would be just an ordinary burger with cheese and maybe a few onions. We were pleasantly surprised to see a whole bunch of caramelized onions on the burger. When we tried it, we found that the cheese was creamier and tasted better than what usually ends up on the McDonald's cheeseburger, but the best part was those onions. Such a great caramelized flavor. Overall, it was pretty good for a value menu item (or even just a regular McDonald's item). We would get this again if we saw it on the menu.

McDonald's has apparently decided to impart philosophy on its patrons these days with the sayings on their cups. I like them though. At least they're going for a positive, happy perspective on life.

We tried to relax a little bit and have a leisurely lunch before heading back on the road but that McDonald's was absolutely freezing. The other half of the restaurant by the restrooms was more bearable, but we didn't know that until right before we left. Oh well. Anyway, this stop wasn't anything special since it was just a McDonald's, but it did introduce us to a new value menu item that we didn't even know existed before. Caramelized onions just make everything better!

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