Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015 Custard Calendar

When we were in Chicago last week, temperatures were in the 60s and it felt like autumn. The new September custard calendar is definitely looking towards fall with pumpkin pie in the lineup, and pretty soon pumpkin spice will be everywhere. It feels too soon, especially since it's still like 90 degrees outside here in NYC, but time always seems like it's going by too quickly.

Anyway, here's this month's custard calendar:

Week 1 (Sept 1-6) - banana pudding (new to us)
Week 2 (Sept 7-13) - peanut butter and jelly (4.5/10)
Week 3 (Sept 14-20) - red velvet (6.75/10)
Week 4 (Sept 21-27) - mint chocolate fudge (new to us, but we liked mint chocolate chip)
Week 5 (Sept 28-30) - pumpkin pie (an inflated 8.75/10)

I'm not sure whether we'll be stopping by for custard this month, but if we do, maybe it'll be for mint chocolate fudge or pumpkin pie. Let's see if we remember the right dates for those!

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