Monday, September 14, 2015

Second Chance Wrapido

Late last year Wrapido (which you might remember from my post about the Chelsea location) opened in Hell's Kitchen. It's in the same storefront where our favorite Colombian/rotisserie spot Farmers used to be, which we remember every time we walk by the entrance, but that wasn't going to stop us from trying Wrapido. A stopped by to pick up dinner one day in the weeks after they opened, but we thought it was just okay and I was disappointed that it wasn't as good as the one in Chelsea. They seemed to have more limited toppings at the time and it just didn't live up to my expectations based on what I remembered from my first visit.

Fast-forward to this summer when I was looking for a healthy and filling lunch after going for a run, and I found myself going back to Wrapido. I was curious to see if they had improved so I got a falafel pita. The guy working there was really nice and very patient as I tried to decide what toppings and sauce to add. In the end, I went with chickpea salad, Israeli salad (tomatoes and cucumbers), onions, and I think beets. It's been some time since I had this for lunch, so I don't remember the fourth topping exactly, but I think it was beets. I went with tzatziki for the sauce on the guy's recommendation.

The falafel pita was good, definitely better than the first time (but still not as good as someplace like Taim). I was glad they had more toppings than they did during our first visit (even if not as many as they used to have (or possibly still have, menu online is unclear) in Chelsea), since back then they only had the basics, like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc. We didn't review it that first time because we were only lukewarm about it and they were new so we figured they were possibly working out the kinks. While I liked the falafel pita, I still think the wrap I got in Chelsea was better, but it's possible that was because the wrap came with more toppings than a pita does. (It's more expensive to get the wrap, but the wrap itself is better than the pita in my opinion.) Now that I know they have a better choice of toppings at our local Wrapido, it might be time to try out a wrap and see how it compares!

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