Saturday, September 5, 2015

Black and Walt

This summer Ample Hills Creamery, quite possibly our favorite ice cream shop in NYC, introduced a special item to their menus. At first it was only in their Brooklyn locations, but one day they made the announcement that their Black & Walt would be making an appearance at their Gotham West outpost, and M knew what she had to do. On her way over she asked A whether she should get one for the both of them to share or if she should just get them one each. The answer from A was pretty obvious, one each.

The Black & Walt is an ice cream sandwich made with Ample Hills' vanilla malted ice cream slicked with malted fudge with one of Brooklyn's Baked Bakery's black and white cookies and an unfrosted black and white cookie sandwiching it and then covered in malted chocolate crunchies.

This was, easily, one of the best ice cream sandwiches either of us had ever eaten. In fact, it's quite possibly THE best either of us had eaten. A noted previously that he was not sure he had ever eaten a real black and white cookie before, but he certainly has now. The only issue is that, because of all of the other delicious ingredients, you don't taste the cookie as much if you eat everything together. You get a hint of citrus from the cookies, and the white and chocolate frosting are really sweet and chocolatey, respectively. The vast majority of the rest of the flavors are malted, and you can certainly taste the rich malt flavor. At first neither of us realized that there was a fudge ripple in the middle. We thought it was just part of the chocolate frosting from the cookie, but once we got a little hit of malt, we knew we were wrong.

A couldn't figure out what his favorite part was as he really just loved this ice cream sandwich. M knew immediately that the crunchies with the ice cream would be her favorite, and after eating it she confirmed that. It's like the best parts of a Carvel ice cream cake, but even better. She prefers ice cream to ice cream sandwiches since she finds the sandwiches harder to eat, which is why she was hoping to try the Crushin' on Walt ice cream flavor this summer. A companion to the Black & Walt, this was vanilla malted ice cream with fudge swirls, cocoa crispies, and pieces of black and white cookies. For M, this would be like eating a Black & Walt but not in the sandwich form - perfect! Unfortunately we haven't been able to try this yet, but hopefully it will still be around after the summer.

Overall, we both really liked the sandwich combination, but we agreed that A liked it more. Ice cream sandwiches are more his thing. The Black & Walt was a great menu addition for the summer, and we'll probably check it out again if it comes back. This is the last weekend it's going to be out at Ample Hills, so try it while you can!

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