Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our Least Favorite Yogurt

When I went to Trader Joe's last week, it was very pleasant for the first time in a long time. Maybe I had just been going at the exact wrong time all summer, but it was always insanely crowded. I already avoid Sundays and Mondays because of the ridiculous lines and crowds, but things were still crazy on Thursday afternoons which was bizarre. I even heard my first fight this summer (from an aisle over), lots of screaming. But finally, this past visit, it was peaceful and I could shop at my leisure. 

Slowly meandering through the aisles (can really only do this in Chelsea out of the Manhattan stores) and browsing meant I got to pay attention to lots of sections that I never get to because I don't want to deal with pushy or oblivious or IDGAF people just to take a look. One of those was the yogurt section where I noticed this display of peanut butter and jelly Greek yogurt.

I don't remember exactly when we bought this to try, but it was months ago. We had been pretty intrigued by it when I first started seeing the pictures on Instagram, but after we tried it, we wanted nothing to do with it ever again. We thought it was pretty bad. There was some taste that might have been peanut butter, there was a hint of sweetness, but mostly it just had some artificial, not very pleasant flavor. I think I had one spoonful and poor A had to eat the rest of it instead of just his half. He likes PB&J more than I do, but even he thought it was terrible. That's why I was pretty surprised to see this still on the shelf. I knew we weren't the only ones who disliked it after reading some other negative comments online about it after we tried it, but apparently there's enough people out there who like it since it hasn't been discontinued. We disliked it so much that I even considered going back to the store for a refund, but since we ate it all, just decided instead to never buy it again. Someone must like it though. I wish I could understand why!

Buy Again? In case you skipped the rest of the post and just want the quick answer, no, never again.

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