Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Green Dragon Hot Sauce

One of our greatest discoveries this year at Trader Joe's was this green dragon hot sauce ($2.99). It came out sometime in the summer, and we knew we had to try it. We're kind of addicted to green hot sauce, whether it's Colombian or Cuban or Yemeni or Peruvian or from wherever else. We were pretty sure we'd like this once we read the ingredients - jalapeños, tomatillos, cilantro, garlic, habanero, and lime - and we loved it from the first taste. It was so good that I even commented that I wouldn't mind doing small shots of it for a snack. Yup, we're addicted to green sauce.

So far we've tried the green dragon sauce with corned beef hash, eggs, omelettes, chicken nuggets, mini tacos, and countless other things that I can't even remember since we've been using it for months. It's a slightly sweet, slightly herbal, slightly tangy hot sauce that delivers a medium kick that we really enjoy. It's so good.

Buy Again? Obviously yes. We already have, just in case it was a limited run or got pulled off the shelves as a seasonal item. We hope TJ's never lets this one go.

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