Friday, December 11, 2015

Chocolate Raspberry Baton

Another mini holiday snack we saw on a recent visit to Trader Joe's was this dark chocolate raspberry baton ($0.99). We weren't really sure what to expect. Would it be a regular chocolate bar with some bits of raspberry or some infused raspberry flavor? Would it be more like a chocolate jelly ring with some sort of chewy raspberry filling? Given my love for the raspberry jelly rings that always appear around Passover, I was hoping for the latter.

When I opened up the baton, I found that it was less a single "baton" and actually 6 pieces of linked chocolate. That made it much easier to divide. For some reason, at this point, I still thought there was going to be some sort of filling in each piece, but I was wrong. It was pretty much just dark chocolate with little bits of raspberry flecked throughout. Overall, it wasn't as sweet as we were expecting, as the raspberry flavor wasn't very strong. It mostly tasted like dark chocolate with small hints of raspberry.

Buy Again? Probably not. It was fine, but neither of us liked it enough to get another one.

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