Sunday, December 6, 2015

Due Canestrelli

A couple of Trader Joe's visits ago, we saw a whole bunch of new holiday snacks, what looked to me like "stocking stuffer snacks," including this small package of due canestrelli ($0.79). Each package contained 2 chocolate filled chocolate wafers, and proclaimed that they were a traditional treat of Northwest Italy.

These wafer cookies were pretty good. The wafer part was light, soft and crispy, and the inside seemed like a thick layer of chocolate instead of a cream. The cookie overall had a bit of a chewy texture to it, but that made it better than some of the other wafer cookies we've had before.

Buy Again? If we're in the mood for wafer cookies, then yes. This was one of the better ones we've had. It probably won't be a regular purchase since we aren't addicted to wafer cookies, but they were good.

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