Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pre-Roast Snacks

We got a bit of a later start than we planned on the second day of our trip, our first full day in London. Originally we had thought that maybe we'd go out for a Sunday roast for lunch and then grab some beers while watching the Manchester derby, but we were so jet lagged and just plain exhausted. Also, the place we had targeted as our first choice for the roast, a pub called The Pig and Butcher, didn't have any reservations left, only some walk-in tables, so we figured there was no way we'd get out in time for the game. Turned out that missing the derby for the roast wasn't an awful thing since the game was pretty terrible.

We started the day with a breakfast bar (more on all of our breakfast bars in another post), and then eventually ventured out to load up our Oyster cards with weeklong passes and start exploring London. On our way to the train, we stopped by some people giving out free mini cans of Coke on the street. We're not sure if they were there because of the Rugby World Cup that was happening during our visit or some other reason, but we would see cans of Coke being given out all over the place during the week we were in London. The only not so great thing about it was that they always opened the can for you, meaning you couldn't save it to drink later.

We made our way over to Islington where the pub was and found out that the wait was about an hour and a half. After arriving in London, we had decided that we absolutely, 100% wanted to go for a Sunday roast in England (and this would be our only chance), so of course we decided to wait. It was about a half hour walk each way to the Emirates from the pub, so even though we're not Arsenal fans, we thought it would be a fun excursion while we waited for our table. We did get a little hungry along the way though, so it was good that we had packed some of the snacks we bought from Morrisons the day before.

For our pre-roast snack, we both split a couple of those Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo bars. We've always been fans of the Milka Oreo bars, and this one was very similar, but it had a better shape. The Milka ones are flat, but these are sort of dome-shaped, so they have more filling. It was basically a milk chocolate shell with cookies and cream inside (although I guess we can say Oreo since it's actually co-branded thanks to their common Mondelez ownership). So good. It was creamy but not super heavy. We liked it so much that we went back to Morrisons and bought a couple more to bring home, since we were pretty sure we wouldn't be able to get these at home.

After a long walk around Islington, it was time for one of our favorite meals of the trip - our Sunday roast at The Pig and Butcher!

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