Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Greens, Beans and Grains

Greens, beans and grains are some of my favorite food groups, so it's no surprise that I was very interested in the Greens, Beans and Grains frozen item at Trader Joe's ($2.99). We bought one a few months ago which we ate as a side dish with dinner, but at the time I thought it would work better as an entree than a side. I tested out that theory at lunch this week, and it definitely makes for a good light lunch. 

This was basically a kale, garbanzo, and peanut stew with a side of couscous, inspired by the stews of West Africa. The main ingredients were tomatoes, garbanzo beans, kale, roasted peanuts, garlic, onion, cilantro, butter, cumin, coriander, vegetable stock, and some other seasonings. It reminded me a little bit of the African peanut stew I made for a previous challenge meal.

The stew here tasted just like comfort food. It was hearty but healthy, and really good over the couscous. While eating it, I just kept thinking that I should try to make something like it for dinner one day, as it was just the type of thing we would enjoy.

Buy Again? Yes, unless I figure out how to make this and end up freezing single sized portions of it for lunches (highly unlikely). I love that it's healthy and filling with lots of flavor.

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