Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup 2014 Challenge Status

The World Cup finally starts tomorrow! It seems like ages ago (but somehow also like yesterday) that we were embarking on our first ever food quest together, our World Cup eats challenge back in 2010. We didn't hit up every country back then, and we certainly didn't blog about them all at the time. This is one of our favorite events for all the reasons we mentioned back in 2010, most notably the unity of the world around the same event and the exploration of so many different cultures.

The 2014 logo

This year, we're ready to hit the streets and try some new world eats for the countries competing in this year's World Cup. To keep track of our progress, we'll keep this post updated with the places we've been and links to all of the challenge posts.

Lots of bars with plenty of specials for the World Cup

Countries We've Done
Argentina - Nuchas
Australia - The Thirsty Koala
Belgium - Wafels & Dinges
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cevabdzinica Sarajevo
Brazil - New York Pão de Queijo
Chile - San Antonio Bakery
Colombia - La Sabrosura
England - Cock and Bull
France - Poulette
Germany - Wechsler's
Greece - Poseidon Bakery
Italy - Don Antonio by Starita
Japan - Restaurant Nippon
Mexico - Otto's Tacos
Netherlands - Grand Central Oyster Bar
Portugal - City Sandwich
South Korea - Turntable Mad for Chicken
Spain - 100 Montaditos
United States - Daisy May's BBQ
Uruguay - Chivito d'Oro

We love the World Cup!

Countries Still to Do
Costa Rica
Cote d'Ivoire

Excited for our World Cup 2014 challenge!

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