Thursday, June 5, 2014

Next Stop Maryland

Four years ago today, we were on a weekend trip in Baltimore, indulging in an epic crab feast (and a baseball game). I was going to reminisce and post about that today, but then thought, why not just write about the whole trip instead of just all that crab?

We left for our weekend trip on Friday evening. On the drive down, we stopped for a quick dinner at the Molly Pitcher rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, which has one of the few remaining Roy Rogers locations in our area. What's the best thing about Roy Rogers? The curly fries! I have no idea why other fast food places won't serve curly fries. They're so much better than regular fries.

A got a roast beef sandwich. He likes roast beef sandwiches, but not many fast food places have those either. (Arby's does, but we don't really have Arby's nearby either.) He added some horseradish and BBQ sauce to his sandwich. A wishes more places served roast beef sandwiches since they're so tasty when slathered with that horseradish sauce.

I got the Gold Rush chicken sandwich, which was basically a crispy chicken sandwich with cheese. It looks bare, but Roy Rogers has a toppings bar where you can add things like onions. Guess I didn't take any pictures of our sandwiches after we put toppings on them.

We didn't stay in Baltimore proper because the hotel rooms were way too expensive (even on Priceline) and all booked up (thanks, Red Sox fans!). So we ended up staying out near BWI. Once we got there, it was time for a second dinner (or a late night snack) near our hotel. There wasn't much there but Chili's, so we went there to meet some friends and watch the Blackhawks game.

We started with some drinks. A got a beer and I got a pomegranate margarita. 

After flipping through the menu, we couldn't resist the Texas cheese fries with chili. Lucky for us (and somewhat surprisingly), the fries actually resembled the droolworthy photo from the menu.

The skillet had cheese fries topped with their "famous" chili, jalapeƱos, green onions, and applewood smoked bacon, with a side of jalapeƱo-ranch dressing. From what we remember, these were tasty. Completely unhealthy, but good. I hope we got a half order...

We apparently also ordered the bottomless chips and salsa.

We must have been really hungry after our drive if we got this on top of the cheese fries. Maybe we got them to share with our friends. My web album caption says we got refills so it had to be one of those two reasons. It's been four years, so we have no idea. They were just chips and salsa though. Nothing special.

We were really excited to finally be out of town, even if just for the weekend. After a night's rest, it was off to the crab feast!

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