Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spice Route

When shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday, we found something new and intriguing: a four pack of spices and spice blends they are calling "The Spice Route," consisting of jars of ras el hanout, sumac, zhoug, and pilpelchuma ($6.99 for the 4 pack). I was planning to pick up ras el hanout and sumac at the store soon, so this was perfect timing for this to appear on TJ's shelves.

Note the multiple bags of Mango Mango gummies...

Each of the jars gives some suggestions for how to use them and their origins. A lot are good for grilling or mixing with oil for dipping. When I picked this up, I wasn't as familiar with the zhoug (from Yemen) or pilpelchuma (from Libya), but thought we would figure out some way to use them. After reading a little more on zhoug, I realized it was just an alternate spelling for something we have already had - the s'rug sauce that Taim uses! That made us even more excited because we love that stuff.

There's also some new BBQ coffee and garlic spice rub that we didn't pick up but looked interesting. I'm so glad that TJ's has stocked up on all these new spice products! Can't wait to try them!

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