Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Custard Preview

The Shake Shack custard calendar for March is up, and it looks like we might end up trying all seven. (Custard makes for a very healthy diet...)

There are a few that we think we may have tried before, but can't remember for sure and if we did, we didn't blog about them (s'mores, mint chocolate chip, fluffernutter). There's one that sounds really intriguing to both of us (maple bacon banan-za). And then there's a bunch that I think sound more like A's style than mine, but we'll probably try them to see how they come out (salty chocolate peanut butter, root beer freeze, buttery caramel cocoa nib). I'm going to keep an open mind and I'm curious if I'll end up liking any of these. For example, with root beer freeze, since I am not a fan of root beer as a drink, I wonder if I'll find it more palatable in custard form. What do you think of the March calendar?

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