Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maple Bacon Banan-za

One of the more interesting custard flavors this month at Shake Shack is maple bacon banan-za. We had tried pancakes and bacon previously (but didn't write about it) and we wondered if this would be similar. We didn't love that one when we tried it so we hoped this one would be better.

M's thoughts:
Although the name is maple bacon banan-za, I didn't get any maple, got quite a bit of bacon flavor, and only a little banana. My first spoonful tasted like banana custard with a hint of bacon bits-type flavor. (Really, it was like Bac-Os to me.) As I kept eating it, it became more like plain custard with a heavy taste of bacon bits. It was interesting eating that type of flavor in a dessert custard form.

A's thoughts:
I didn't get any maple in this custard and the bacon was nearly non-existent aside from a few hints here and there. The only discernible flavor I could taste was the banana, and even that started to fade as I ate. In the end, what started out tasting like a bit of a muted banana custard with hints of bacon sprinkled in here and there turned into fairly plain vanilla.

Maple Bacon Banan-za
A's rating: 5/10
M's rating: 5.5/10

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