Monday, March 19, 2012

Louisiana Leaux

When I go to Popeyes, I usually go straight for the chicken tenders and either the mashed potatoes or red beans and rice. Not healthy at all, but so tasty. Recently (I guess it was last summer but I never noticed it until sometime this year) Popeyes introduced a "healthier" option - the Louisiana Leaux menu.

The Louisiana Leaux menu features naked chicken tenders - grilled seasoned white meat chicken strips. I opted for the "naked tenders meal" which came with 3 seasoned naked tenders, a side of green beans and a toasted baguette roll. I have a weakness for Popeyes biscuits (one time in college one of our friends brought a box of biscuits to a bar and we all indulged) so I substituted that for the baguette. I left the green beans so I could have some healthy veggies. I also rationalized with myself (although this does not help my diet) that since I wasn't getting fried chicken, the biscuit would "hurt" less.

The naked tenders themselves were pretty good. They weren't very large, which probably accounts for some of the healthy low calorie benefits, but they were nicely seasoned and clearly made from real white meat chicken. My tongue was aggravated from some medication I was taking, which made the seasoning a little zestier than I could take without a biscuit bite inbetween, but I think on a normal day I would really like it.

The meal was pretty good (although I then ate another biscuit after that; I told you I had a weakness for them). I might get these again instead of my usual fried chicken tenders (although I do love those) since they're healthier. I would probably still get the biscuit, but get a different side. I didn't love the green beans since they reminded me of the green beans I used to make from a can. The naked tenders were really tasty so I'm glad I tried this!

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