Sunday, March 11, 2012

Food Crawl

Do you ever go for a food crawl in your city?

We didn't have amazing spring weather today but we decided to take a walk around the city, eating our way downtown to redeem our google offer for ice cream. We ended up stopping for a whole bunch of snacks - pizza from 2 Bros, doughnuts and coffee from Doughnut Plant, the new Doritos taco at Taco Bell, ice cream cups at Emack & Bolios, and finally Japanese style hot dogs and fries from Japadog. We ended up walking over 26,000 steps today and we weren't even out for half a day. Most of these snacks warrant their own post (and hopefully we'll get there). I love the idea of food crawls and eating our way around the city with little snacks. Do you do that in your city? Do you prefer to plan it out or just wander around, dropping in for snacks as you go?

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