Monday, October 4, 2010


So it's been a very very long time since I posted. I know, I'm terrible. So for my penance, let's discuss the trials of my Friday lunch work meals...

It's the first day of October, it's raining because of tropical storm # 693 or something this year, and I'm hungry. Twitter tells me that Wafels and Dinges has a cart located on 40th between 7th and 8th today, and they're thinking of making this a permanent Friday location. Well then, a pulled pork waffle sounds like a pretty good idea for lunch. In fact, I had planned on getting one pulled pork waffle and a second waffle for dessert.

Eagerly approaching waffle-y goodness

So I get to the cart with a coworker of mine who had been enticed by the prospect of BBQ pulled pork, pickles, and slaw on top of a golden waffle, and we set ourselves to order. I let my coworker order first as I was still plotting what to get for my dessert waffle. Then, to our horror, we hear the words, "Sorry, no pulled pork. Only the truck has that."


The best laid plans right? Thwarted on our pork and waffle quest, we settled on pizza from Siena Pizza right across the way as we needed to get back to the office. As we sat eating our pizza, still sad about our lack of waffles, we vowed to return for an afternoon snack.

Having recently traveled with M to Brussels, I still envisioned the crunch of the sugar crystals found within the waffles. 4pm rolled around, and my coworker and I once more braved the rain and made the short walk to see our yellow cart friend. I went with the liege waffle with spekuloos and strawberries. Spekuloos is a spread that tastes like graham crackers that is always talked about over Twitter when Wafels and Dinges is mentioned.

Yum. Waffle with spekuloos and strawberries

A touch blurry, but a closer look at the spekuloos spread and strawberries

After all of the hype of the spekuloos, though, it was a touch disappointing. Perhaps the strawberries took away from the flavor of the spread, but I found it a little light on flavor. Perhaps next time I get the spek I'll get it straight. Overall, the waffle was quite delicious, and I hope they come back every week like they say they want to.

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