Sunday, October 17, 2010


After our snack at FEBO, we walked around the city some more, and then took the tram over for lunch at Burgermeester.

Burgermeester has a few different locations in Amsterdam, and we went to the one in the De Pijp neighborhood because we were going to head over to the Heineken Experience after lunch. (Just a note: we did research on restaurants before our trip and came armed with an entire list of possibilities. It didn't stop us from stumbling on places, but we had certain places that we "knew" from our research would be good and this was one of them.)

M loved that the menu was completely in Dutch. To the side is the special of the month burger that we considered (but didn't get), the piri piri burger.

M got the kip (chicken) tandooriburger which came with gelderse hoen (something to do with chicken, we think?), tauge (bean sprouts) and mintyoghurt (mint yogurt). It was really, really good. And really, really huge. M should have gotten the mini, but she thought that was a slider size. When the burger came out, we were stunned by how big it was! But it was really good. The chicken was juicy and the toppings added a nice flavor.

A got the meester biefburger, which contained Blonde d'Aquitaine rund (beef), gegrilde groenten (grilled vegetables) and dragonmayo (tarragon mayo). A was expecting a little spice to the burger due to the "dragon" mayo, but after we found out dragon is Dutch for tarragon, it made sense that there was no heat. The burger was quite tasty. The patty was cooked very well with just a little pinkness to it even though it was a thinner patty. After the initial disappointment with no spice, A thoroughly enjoyed his burger.

Happy with our burgers! (See how huge they were?)

With burgers in our bellies, we headed off for some beer at the Heineken Experience (which we will leave for our personal blog since it's not really about food and the beer is just Heineken, even if it tastes better in Amsterdam)!

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