Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Albert Cuyp Markt

We began our third day in Amsterdam with a visit to the Albert Cuyp Markt. It's an outdoor market that extends for a few blocks in the De Pijp neighborhood and has been around for years. The market is there everyday except Sundays, and offers both retail items (like clothes) and food. They also have stands for prepared food and other restaurants on the block.

We were really excited to go to Albert Cuyp Markt because we love visiting markets, especially farmers markets. We also heard there might be some free samples. Sure enough, we got to sample some cheese which was excellent.

Here's a brief look around the market:

Lots of fruit including these tiny strawberries

Lots of fresh colorful veggies

Multiple cheese vendors giving out free samples and slicing cheese in front of you... Dutch cheese is great

Interesting chocolate concoctions

The clothing ranged from t-shirts to ... more "colorful" clothing

While at the market, we also tried fries and mini-pancakes. Those posts are coming up next!

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