Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen Shacktoberfest Part I

Today was the last day of Shacktoberfest at Shake Shack. (We have mentioned Shacktoberfest before, but never actually discussed the Shacktoberfest specials.) Since it was our last chance to enjoy the Shacktoberfest specials for the year, we had to go back for lunch to try whatever we hadn't tried before and have our favorites one last time.

We each got our favorite Shacktoberfest sausage, which happens to be the same one: the garlic sausage. According to the Shack menu, the garlic sausage is "a Polish-style garlic sausage cooked flat-top style topped with a bacon n' beer cheese sauce featuring Shackmeister ale, finished with crushed pretzels." It's delicious. It probably doesn't even need the crushed pretzels. That bacon beer and cheese sauce is the star.

We tried one of each sausage last time and split them all in half, so here's a cross-section of the garlic sausage:

Another Shacktoberfest special was the "Hungarian smoked sausage" which according to the Shack menu is "split and griddled, served with Dusseldorf mustard." Of the 3 sausage specials, this came in second for M. (A doesn't really have a preference between the 2 other sausages and just ranks the garlic sausage on top.) This may have something to do with the fact that the mustard is really good and M loves mustard.

Last of the specials was the currywurst, which was served with fries. According to the Shack menu, it's "traditional style bratwurst in a Shack-made tomato sauce with curry." This was ok. The sauce was definitely a tomato-based sauce, but it didn't taste like much more than that. It also probably didn't help that we had currywurst the night before at Hallo Berlin.

Can't wait to find out what's in store for Shacktoberfest 2011! But before we drop Shacktoberfest entirely until next year - one more post about the Shacktoberfest special concretes!

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