Friday, October 15, 2010

Uncle Gussy's

Food from a Greek truck? Yes, please.

I went to Uncle Gussy's, a truck located on 51st and Park, today for lunch. I wanted to take a walk and then got my mind set on a chicken pita, so I headed over. My plan B if the line was more than 20 people was to head back a few blocks and get chicken over rice from XPL.

Uncle Gussy's has pitas, platters, sandwiches, Greek salads and burgers. They also have daily specials "made by Mom." (Today it was tomatoes stuffed with rice and chopped meat.) The Greek salad sounded really good, but as I said, I was there for a chicken pita. Luckily the line wasn't that long and I quickly put in my order for a chicken pita deluxe.

I didn't really know what the difference was between a pita and the deluxe and didn't feel like asking at the time. I figured, it was my first time there, I'd find out what it was and then adjust accordingly next time. Turns out, unlike at diners where "deluxe" means fries but also the sandwich toppings, deluxe here just meant fries.

I got the sandwich on whole wheat pita. Liked having that option. I didn't add any other extras, so it came with lettuce, tomato, white sauce (tzatziki) and hot sauce.

And a better look at what's inside the pita:

The chicken pita was so good. I definitely want to go back for more, whether it's in a pita, platter or as the chicken gyro topping to the Greek salad. The chicken pita fulfilled my craving. Go visit Uncle Gussy's!

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