Thursday, October 28, 2010


I have passed by Toasties a few times before on 49th Street but haven't gone in because of the crowds. Not a big fan of long lines. But today there was only a small crowd at lunchtime so I ventured inside.

My first thought was that it was very much like Lenny's (knockoff?). There's a section for a pick your ingredient salad. There's a spot to order your sandwich and a different spot to pay. There's the sandwich counter and next to it, a separate area for hot entrees (with hot sandwich options). The layout was just very similar. Some of their sandwiches also sounded remarkably similar to sandwiches we've gotten at Lenny's. The prices are in the same range too - about $7-9 for a sandwich.

So I got something different from my Lenny's standby (C1, whole wheat roll, no capers) - a hot sandwich called the Union Square.

After opening the sandwich, the size seemed a little smaller than the average Lenny's sandwich I get (but since I only get the C1 these days, I don't remember the sizes of other sandwiches there). But it ended up being pretty filling. Also, the flavor of the sandwich was really good and all the ingredients mixed together well. So I was satisfied with it.

The Union Square close-up:

The sandwich consists of grilled cracked pepper turkey with melted monterey pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, romaine lettuce and dijon mustard. I love mustard and it was a good mustard. I would get this sandwich again. It's relatively simple and with the ingredients, I could probably make this at home (although they wouldn't be grilled onions). But since I don't have a panini grill at work to make it myself, and since sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them, I'll be back to Toasties.

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