Sunday, October 17, 2010


Before heading to Amsterdam, M and I didn't really have much clue what constituted Dutch food. The only thing we really knew about were croquettes. Meat and/or veggies compressed together, spiced, and then deep fried. Could it get any better?

Day 2 of our European vacation started with a quick trip to a couple apotheeks in search of instant ice packs. As noted here, I was still recovering from knee surgery and wanted to try and alleviate pain and swelling as best I could since we'd be walking a lot. None were to be found so we resumed our eating extravaganza.

One of the few things we had researched and labeled as a "must try" was FEBO. FEBO is an automat serving little burgers, croquettes, and other delicious treats. They also have a counter that you can order from, but in all of our trips to FEBOs, we only saw people utilizing the automat portion. M has a thing for automats. She loves them. I'm not sure if it's the history behind them or if she just likes the novelty of them, but she really does love them. Me? I just like fried things :)

First view of the automat portion

So for our first trip to FEBO we took time to examine all of the choices before settling on the Bami croquette. It was a tasty little fried nugget filled with chicken and vegetables.

Me paying for our treat

Me getting our treat out of the window

Our tasty croquette

The croquette was very very tasty. Good outer crunch followed by a soft interior. The flavors of the croquette itself was faintly Asian. A touch of soy sauce, and a little hint of star anise. Yummy fried goodness.

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