Thursday, October 21, 2010

B+B Lunchroom

We needed to grab a quick lunch between our visits to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and walked around a bit looking for a restaurant. We passed one place on our researched list but it was an Indonesian place and we had just gone for rijsttafel the night before so we wanted to see what else there was. We wandered over toward Leidseplein (an area with a lot of restaurants) but stopped earlier when we saw a collection of restaurants in Max Euweplein.

There was a Hard Rock Cafe (but we can get that anywhere), an Irish pub (maybe), a Wagamama (we were interested but it was kind of expensive for Asian food) and a place called B&B Lunchroom which served sandwiches, baked goods and other snacks.

They had some seats inside but it was a gorgeous day so we sat at one of the outdoor tables and spent lunch people-watching and just enjoying the weather and being on vacation.

M got the spicy chicken sandwich which consisted of gemarineerde kip (marinated chicken), tomaat (tomato), sla (lettuce), komkommer (cucumber) and pikante saus (piri piri sauce), and apple juice.

The sauce was a little messy (and sticky). It was a little bit spicy but also kind of sweet. It was a good sandwich, not the best I've had but decent.

A got the Dutch style hamburger. It consists of huisgemaakte hamburger (homemade hamburger), salade (lettuce), tomaat (tomato), komkommer (cucumber), rode ui (red onion), gebakken ei (fried egg), kaas (cheese), mayonaise (mayonnaise) and bacon (bacon, obviously).

It was tasty but unhealthy (look at the ingredients!).

Our conclusion on the lunchroom is that it was good for what we were looking for - a casual lunch spot with pretty good food. It's a good place to go if you're in the area, but we wouldn't go out of our way to come back. Probably a better option than the other food choices in that little area. The prices were really decent too, which was refreshing. There were some other sandwich places we wanted to try but ran out of time, so we can't really compare about Dutch sandwiches. Next time!

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