Monday, October 11, 2010


After a weekend of indulgence (Shacktoberfest, 4food burgers, BBQ, 3-course anniversary dinner), all I wanted to do for lunch was to eat something "clean." I've previously written about Just Salad, which I find is the most reliable place to go in Midtown for salads of good quality and flavor.

Today it wasn't that busy, probably because of Columbus Day. When it came time to chop my salad, I noticed that the person before me had gotten broccoli, which unfortunately causes a really bad reaction for me. From a previous exchange with them on Twitter, I learned that if you have a food allergy, they can switch out the cutting board for you. I felt bad asking the guy to do it since he had to go into the back for it, but I had no choice and he was really nice about it. I got my salad, got my 5% discount for the loyalty card (yay!), and was on my way.

The salad was huge today. I don't know if it's because it was Columbus Day or they were just being generous with spinach, but there was so much in my salad that it was hard for the bowl to close! It was full of healthy goodness.

Spinach salad with grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, beets, white beans, barley and red peppers. I can't believe I forgot my usual red onions! But it was still tasty and nutritious (photo from after I had eaten an entire layer of salad):

What do you like in your salads?

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