Saturday, July 3, 2010

Health Break

As much as I love trying new places for lunch, sometimes a nice, clean salad lunch is what you need.

To kick off July 4th weekend, yesterday I went to my stand-by salad place, Just Salad. I don't know how they do it (better product? better dressing? the way they chop it?) but the salad there just tastes better than other places. When I first started working in midtown, I would walk half a mile to get to the closest Just Salad. Now, it's a little easier, because there is a branch in the concourse of Rockefeller Center.

Another good thing about Just Salad is how eco-conscious they are. They have reusable bowls (for $1, which also gets you a discount card). And the best part? If you use it, you get 2 free ingredients (I keep wanting to call them mix-ins but this is not Coldstone). Excellent!

I almost always get a spinach salad with sherry-shallot vinaigrette. The 7 other ingredients (6 included, I pay for the protein) are up for grabs. Yesterday I decided on grape tomatoes, chickpeas, white beans, beets, barley, red onions and grilled chicken. And unless you're on some serious anti-carb diet... don't pass on the bread. It's better than you would expect (and I'm not a huge bread person).

I've gotten salads from multiple places in the (work) neighborhood, but always find myself going back to Just Salad. It's just better.

My "local" Just Salad is in the Rockefeller Center Concourse. I have also been to their branches in the Fashion District (West 37th Street) and Midtown East (Park and 51st). According to their website, they are also in Murray Hill, the Financial District and Central in Hong Kong.

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