Friday, July 9, 2010

Japanese Food Crawl

I had no idea what to do for lunch today. But here's a picture of what I ended up getting for lunch:

No, you're not seeing things. I got lunch from two different places: Cafe Zaiya and Chiyoda Sushi.

After a walk around midtown, I started off at Cafe Zaiya. The vegetarian bento box intrigued me, but I ultimately decided on the "mahbo donburi" (ma po tofu over rice), which I get often from Zaiya:

I planned to pick up a vegetable side order in the cold case on the way to the registers, but they only had a few and none caught my eye. They had plenty of desserts but I was trying to be good.

So, what to do when you want a vegetable side but there's nothing at Zaiya? Go a few doors down to Chiyoda!

Chiyoda has lots of sides, and I often get the one above. I was hoping they would have the new special that I got last time (shimmered eggplant and tofu) but they didn't have it. I thought about ground chicken with pumpkin, but it was more starchy than I was hoping for. Calamari salad wasn't really vegetables, potato salad (as much as I love it) was ruled out for its potatoness, and I just wasn't in the mood for the hijiki or seaweed salad. Kimpira gobo it was!

I always thought about putting together a piecemeal lunch but just never did it. First time for everything!

Cafe Zaiya and Chiyoda Sushi are both located on 41st Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue (the block that dead ends at the library). I prefer Zaiya for the donburi, sandwiches and of course, bakery items. I prefer Chiyoda for their sushi and soup.

* I suppose this could be considered a "World Cup" meal since Japan was in the World Cup, but as you will see from future posts, I have had a lot of Japanese food to meet that "requirement." And Japan has been out of the World Cup for awhile, so I didn't get this as part of the World Cup quest.

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