Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Soup

What's your favorite soup?

I'm home from work today because I'm not feeling very well, and made some soup for lunch. Canned soup, but a good canned soup:

I don't remember the first time I had Italian wedding soup, but this has become one of my favorite canned soups. It's not too salty, it has lots of good grains and vegetables, the meatballs are tasty, and it's very low in calories (even if you eat the whole can).

But it's not just the canned Select Harvest soup. Along with some other soups, wedding soup has become a comfort food for me. Soup is so good in winter when it's below freezing outside. It's good for a meal after having stomach issues. And it's my go-to food when I need to calm my stomach after motion sickness (like this one from Cibo at JFK after a stomach-flipping car race to the airport).

At work, there's only one place (Hale and Hearty Soups) where I can usually find wedding soup, and even then, it's part of a rotation of soups so I can't always get it every day. I first got it from H&H in January because I just had to have it one day, and they were the only option I could find. Previously I had avoided H&H for two main reasons: (1) they're expensive (that hasn't changed) and (2) I had a really bad experience awhile ago (I think in college). That time, I only had a credit card, ordered soup, didn't realize they had a minimum charge price until I got to the register, tried to explain that I had absolutely no cash, and was rudely dismissed as if I wasn't worth their time. It left a bad impression on me. Luckily it seems like things have changed, so I have gotten wedding soup quite a few times there now (and other soups too), both on its own with oyster crackers or as part of a soup-sandwich combo.

We try to keep at least a few cans of wedding soup in the pantry for days when we need or crave soup, and hopefully Costco will keep carrying cases of it so we can continue to buy it in bulk. I have other soups that I also love (chili, split pea, wun tun mein, etc.), but I think wedding soup is the perfect healthy soup!

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