Sunday, July 25, 2010


Japanese or Italian?

During the days of World Cup group play (and whenever else I could), I tried to eat lunch for a country playing that day. Way back on June 14, the only real options for lunch were Japanese or Italian. (Nothing Dutch, Danish, Cameroonian or Paraguayan around.) I decided on Japanese food and headed over to Chiyoda.

I couldn't decide which donburi I wanted and eventually decided on the chicken don. First time getting this at Chiyoda and I'm not sure I will again (unless I have access to a microwave). The chicken was good and well-flavored, but the rice was kind of hard. I think the rice in the donburi at Zaiya is much better -- much softer.

I've mentioned the side order refrigerated case at Chiyoda before. This time, they had kaminari tofu, a combination of tofu squares with vegetables. I really like this side but they don't always have it. It tastes light and healthy, and is full of good nutritious stuff.

This lunch helped me check off two things in the World Cup challenge - a Japanese meal and a Japanese meal on the day of a Japanese game (they won, by the way). And it was a much easier choice than the next day would be!

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