Friday, July 2, 2010

Mexican Beginnings

Let's start our World Cup adventure... at the beginning.

Way back on the morning of June 11, when the World Cup first started, our toilet broke. First thing in the morning. I was stuck working from home waiting for maintenance, but at least there was one good thing that came out of that -- I got to watch the kickoff of the 2010 World Cup and the entire first match between South Africa and Mexico. I got to listen to the excited commentators on Univision and their awesome pronunciation of Tshabalala's name, and watch South Africa score the first goal of the World Cup in Africa. And the toilet eventually got fixed.

On my way in to the office, I needed to grab lunch. Usually at lunch I have a tendency to wander (especially now with my new pedometer) but on this day, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The World Cup food adventure hadn't started yet (I think it evolved from lunch), but I knew I wanted Mexican food since I had just watched Mexico play. There isn't really any South African, Uruguayan or French food near the office, so Mexican was the obvious choice for that day.

And where could I easily get good Mexican food on the way to work?

The El Rey del Sabor cart is only a few blocks from my office and has been my go-to spot for "real" Mexican food ever since they started coming to the area. (Their locations on the East Side had been a little too far away.) I've had their huaraches, tortas and enchiladas, but today, it was time for tacos.

Three delicious tacos. 2 chicken and 1 lengua. El Rey's tacos are two corn tortillas wrapped around the meat with plentiful onion and cilantro, and a nice green sauce. I took them to-go and for the most part the tortillas held up pretty well, which was a pleasant surprise. I usually expect soft tacos to fall apart as soon as I get back to the office.

The tacos are so good that I have gotten them every time I have gone to the cart recently. It's always so hard to decide whether to get tacos or a torta or something else! I guess I will just have to go more often so I can try more!

This El Rey del Sabor cart is located on the north side of 43rd Street, just east of Sixth Avenue. I'm not sure of their hours but I have only been there at lunch on the weekdays.

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