Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vlaamse Frites

What was our first meal in Amsterdam?


We landed at Schiphol airport and after going through passport control, getting our luggage and exploring the airport (including the awesome outdoor terrace), we were hungry. We had spotted a place near the food court called Vlaamse Frites in our exploring and we made a beeline for it as soon as we finished our airport exploring. Fries were on our list of "must-try" foods while we were on our trip, and seemed like the perfect snack.

The fries at Vlaamse Frites come in a cone. They don't really have a seating area, but a bunch of tables where you can stand, and also a long counter, which I think may have had seats. The nice thing about the counter is that they have cone holders so you don't have to hold the fries the whole time. The bad thing for us was that there were no seats at the counter.

We ordered the fries with mayo, curry ketchup and onions ("ui" in Dutch). We had originally just ordered mayo and ketchup, but they pointed out that it was cheaper getting the "speciaal" with onions, and who are we to turn down onions?

These fries were delicious. We tried fries elsewhere in the Netherlands but these may have been our favorite fries. I don't know if it was the onions, the curry ketchup, or if it was because it was our first meal after a long flight. But we loved them. And they filled our bellies just enough so that we were able to explore the city without stopping for another snack before dinner. Yummy frites!

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