Wednesday, October 13, 2010

100 Tastes

The 2010 Time Out New York list of the 100 best dishes and drinks came out today. Out of everything on the list, we have had 1.5 (we both had 1, but only 1 of us had a 2nd).

Together we had the Great White Way concrete from Shake Shack (see: Shake Shack addiction) although we think that Jelly's Last Donut is better. It made so little impact that A didn't even remember that we had it.

The only other thing from the list is the spekuloos spread that A has had from wafels & dinges.

Other than those 2, we've been to a couple other places on the list but haven't had the "best" dish there. But there are so many more places to try! It's a good thing we started a food blog...

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