Monday, June 13, 2011

Nutella and Strawberries

One day, if we ever get around to completing our 2010 Europe Trip recaps (which reminds me, we haven't even begun the recaps for our most recent trip), you will get to read all about our adventure in Brussels visiting one of the legendary yellow vans selling waffles. That was the best waffle I have ever had - freshly made, crunchy and sugary, and topped with a rich chocolate sauce.

But until then - you can read about all of our visits to wafels & dinges, the best waffles we've had not in Belgium.

A has written about them a few times but I'm not sure I ever have, despite indulging in many of their savory wafels for lunch. Today, however, was not a lunch visit, so I went for a nice, sweet wafel - the liege topped with nutella and strawberries. This may also have been the same combination we had the first time we ever went to wafels & dinges. (Yes, it's that good that I remember that.)

The wafel itself was a little on the drier side today, but once topped with the nutella and strawberries, it was a deliciously sweet combination. Then again, how can you ever go wrong with nutella and strawberries?

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