Monday, June 20, 2011

Chow Fun

I ordered Chinese food at the office last week and decided to try someplace new - Szechuan Gourmet. Despite all the glowing reviews, I've somehow never ordered from them before. Time to change that.

One thing I got was chicken chow fun. I grew up eating chow fun and it was probably my favorite Chinese noodle dish. It's definitely not that healthy for you considering how oily it usually is, but a good chow fun can be so tasty. Unfortunately, a lot of them are really bland. I also like it when restaurants add vegetables into the chow fun. One of our favorites that did this was this place near my office called Wu Kong, which closed about five years ago but their chow fun was just that memorable. There would be different things in the chow fun depending on who was cooking, including shiitake mushrooms on a few occasions.

The one from Szechuan Gourmet is pretty good. It wasn't bland, and it wasn't just the noodles in sauce, which is my low, low threshold for approving of chow fun. In addition to chicken, it had the usual bean sprouts and green onions. But they also including some green vegetables (not sure which one but it was spinach-like) which made it healthier. I would order this again!

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